Learning a trade in the military

When I was in my late teens, I had decided to join the military! I had always been somebody who loved serving our fantastic country any way possible… And I figured, that joining the military would be the finest way to do this! I am not someone who enjoys war or anything crazy like that.

Do not get me wrong, I did not join the military in hopes of fighting and killing all kinds of people, however my joining the military had some interesting things come out of it.

The one thing is who I am these days, and what I do for a career! While I was in the military, they had some complications with their heating and cooling appliances. Because I knew a little bit about Heating and A/C appliance repair, I provided my assistance. However, there was another man there that knew even more than I happened to know! And this was a major experience for me! To make a relatively long story short, this other man ended up getting myself and others incredibly interested in heating and cooling repair… Each time there was a problem with the central heating and air conditioner appliance in the military, he would allow myself and others to come with him to get everything fixed. He would teach myself and others the ins and outs of the complete aspect of Heating and A/C appliance repair. Well, I eventually was let go from the military with honorable discharge, as I wanted to pursue a nice job position. And I’m certain you can figure out what that work was…a certified heating and air conditioner appliance service professional! I am entirely grateful to the military, and I still care about and support this country with all of my heart!

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