I had great experiences in the military and even learned a trade

When I was in my late teens, I made the choice to join the military.

I had consistently been the type of kid who loved serving our beautiful country any way possible. And I figured, that joining the military would be the greatest way to do this! I am not someone who enjoys war or anything intense like that… So do not get me wrong, I did not join the military just to fight and kill people… My joining the military had some nice things come out of it, the one thing is who I am nowadays, plus what I do for a living. While I was in the military, they had some concerns with their heating plus A/C machines. Since I knew a bit about Heating and Air Conditioning machine repair, I provided my help. But, there was another person there that knew even more than I actually knew! And this was a pretty major experience for me! To make a very long story short, this other person ended up getting myself and others completely interested in heating plus cooling machine repair. Every time there was a setback with the central heating plus A/C machine in the military, he would allow myself and others to come with him to repair everything as needed! He would teach myself and others the ins plus outs of the complete aspect of Heating and Air Conditioning machine repair. Well, I was let go from the military with honorable discharge eventually, as I wanted to pursue a good job. And I’m sure you guessed the type of work I got into…a certified heating, ventilation and A/C machine service worker! I am absolutely thankful to the military, plus I still prefer plus support this country in all the ways I can!



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